Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The following return policy is applicable to all services offered by JILT-Language Service Provider (JOUDAH INFO-LINGO TECH PVT.LTD).


If you wish to request for cancellation after placing the order, you should do this with little or no delay. If we have not assigned your project to the translator then we will issue a 100% refund. But if we have already assigned a translator, then we are unable to accept your cancellation request. In most of the cases, we assign the translator as we receive the order if in case we delayed in engaging the translator then we do the refund.

  • If you wish to do a partial cancellation for services not required, then we accept these requests if we have not already executed them. You should request for cancellation by sending an email with the Name and the details of cancellation to 
  • For cancellation of Translation services: If you cancel the service within 6Hrs from the time of the approval we will refund up to 75% and remaining will be the Cancellation Charged.
  • If you cancel within 1-2Hrs from the time of the approval then we will refund up to 100% and no Cancellation Charges Applied. If you cancel the service within 12Hrs from the time of Approval then there will be no refund for this as the translation is under process.

Missing Pages:

We follow a quality control process to make sure we do not miss anything while translating your documents. But if you receive your translations and notice a page or section missing, contact us immediately and we will fix it soon. In such cases which depends on the clients, we will communicate this to you and provide you with the option to refuse the missing translations and instead receive a partial refund, calculated for the missing sections.


If you have not paid for DTP or not provided a clear scan, we cannot guarantee a 100% Translation (We will contact you for these cases). Therefore,  we cannot issue a refund for such complaints. If the scanned image is blurry (We will contact you for these cases)., we only do plain text translation.

Translation Terms:

Please remember Translators will always limit themselves to providing a verbal translation of what is being said. They will not provide further explanation or give opinions. As such, if the context is required, it should only be for the purpose of choosing proper terms

Edit Requests:

You can request edits (sentence, the spelling of names not provided when ordering and illegible words in a scan) to your translated documents. We will make the edits immediately. Such edits will be done as many times as requested before the Final Check. All languages allow numerous ways to phrase words and therefore we are open to your feedback. We will edit your translated documents based on your feedback. But we are unable to issue a refund.

“With us, the document will reach the final step after we receive the final check from the end of Translators & also the Customer.”

Delivery Delay:

We strive to complete all our translations as soon as we receive them, in most cases less than 24 hours. We guarantee the exact delivery time when we receive the final commitment from the client end. If we have not expressly agreed to a delivery which depends on the No. of Documents, you are not entitled to reject any delivery, citing delays. Some time delay may occur due to the Blurry Document or from the client end for the Final Checkup also then also you are not entitled to a refund. If the delay is less than 24 hours from the committed delivery time, we will issue a 10% refund. If the delay is more than 24 hours from the committed delivery time, we will issue a refund of 15%.

Contact Information:

If you have any queries or complaints, please contact us in writing or via email at the address below:

Address: JILT Pvt Ltd, # 12-2-8257, Ansar Complex,

Opp. Pillar No 13, Vivekananda Colony, Santosh Nagar,

Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, Telangana-500028.



Phone : +91-7396719556



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